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 Shattered Fortress Posts

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PostSubject: Shattered Fortress Posts   Tue Jul 21, 2009 8:03 pm

Session Start: Sat Jan 03 22:42:19 2009
Session Ident: #Shattered`Fortress
[22:42] * Now talking in #Shattered`Fortress
[22:43] * Anthony`Adverse sets mode: +o Lady_NightBlade

[22:47] * @Anthony`Adverse Had exited the mists, and made his way to his usual study, where he'd always met those who found their way into his hidden fortress.. He had a good idea though that Night was following him, and left instructions for the guard at the enterance to bring her to the study, where he was oddly enough intent on reading a book..

[22:51] * @Lady_NightBlade Once in the mists, she had carefully guided her stallion to the front doors and upon the guard approaching her, she had asked him to stable her horse. He sent for a stableboy and then once her horse was walking away, she was led inside the fortress, straight to Anthony's study. The whole time, she was silent, pondering on how the night might go, but she couldn't really know. Once at the doors of the study, she dismissed the guard and once he was down the hall some, she knocked on the doors.

[22:53] * @Anthony`Adverse Set thebook down, an evil smile curling upon his lips, his head would shake a moment.. "Enter Night..." He announced, the book set on an end-table, his eyes intent upon the doorway, awaiting her entrance.. I was about time she'd visited him, he'd done so much to torture her, and she's somehow managed to come out on top.. Though always reluctant to face him, a pity..

[23:02] * @Lady_NightBlade Her sanity was fragile was at best, but the Ancient woman was more than ready to face him. Every time she had faced him, he had tortured her somehow and never returned her powers to her, returned her to normal, or give back her possessions. She had endured all of his cruelty, but knew he could do yet more to make her suffer anew. Pushing the door open, she slipped through and locked it behind her before striding further into the room.

[23:05] * @Anthony`Adverse Glanced at the woman before him curiously, brows raising.. That usual evil smirk.. Oh he bet she'd love to wipe away that smirk of his.. He leaned back in his chair, making himself comfortable.. "So good to see ye' again miss Night.. I 'ave something fer ye'.. if ye' think yer willing to hold it..."

[23:12] * @Lady_NightBlade Yes, she'd love to slap him and wipe the smirk away. However, she kept her own expressions neutral. She had wanted, had hoped he would be a friend in the beginning, but he had turned out to be far crueler than she had imagined. "What is it?" She didn't sit, she was feeling rather anxious and trying to hide it.

[23:14] <@Anthony`Adverse> "Immortality.." He'd announce plainly, his fingers coming to cross togethor before him.. He'd snicker alloud.. But she'd have to earn it.. He just had to figure the most interesting way for her to do so..

[23:18] * @Lady_NightBlade Immortality couldn't be wasn't a physical object. She didn't want to think of what she might have to do to get her immortality back. "And what must I do to regain my immortality?" What cruel punishment would he put her through?

[23:20] <@Anthony`Adverse> "That would depends.. what would ye' despise the most?" he looked over her curiously thinking of a few things off the top of his head.. It was all but too much fun toynig with her,.. The most interesting part, was the abuse he still had in store for her.

[23:26] * @Lady_NightBlade There was a list she could think of rather quickly, but there was probably more things she could despise. Smirked as she crossed her arms, frowning at him. "I've despised all ye've done to me so far. Growing old as a Human, enslavement, amnesia, rape, torture, there's a few things I'd despise. Being completely insane...psycho. Being forced to do things just to please someone because it brings them pleasure. Need I say more?" He was trying to anger her again. She just knew it.

[23:27] <@Anthony`Adverse> he raped her?)
[23:28] <@Lady_NightBlade> No..that's something she'd despise)

[23:28] * @Anthony`Adverse mused so easily.. "Oh now, ye' almost take all the fun out of it.. " His eyes narrowed, leaning forwards in his chair.. "Did ye' ever stop to wonder, why I might put ye' through such an interesting array of challenges?" His eyes perked up at the things she'd mention.. He pondered if he could narrow down which he'd prefer.

[23:35] <@Anthony`Adverse> was going to say.. i dun remember that?)

[23:35] * @Lady_NightBlade Turned and moved to the nearby window to peer out of it, mostly because she wanted to see something else other than his cruel smile or smirk. "I've thought about it too much. All I've done is's all I can do. And the conclusion I keep coming back that you enjoy it and won't ever tell me a damned thing. You'll continue with your sick pleasures til you either kill me , I kill you, or I kill myself." Suppressed a sigh. "If I kill you first...I'll grow old and die a mere human, but even Immortals die eventually."

[23:39] * @Anthony`Adverse Chuckled, his head shaking, rather amused with the knowledge she was granting him.. He'd lean back again in his chair.. "Mine sick pleasures.. I do like the sounds of it.. though nae.. T'would be a pity if either of us were to die.. so we'll jus' 'ave to keep those options closed fer now..." He'd let out an interesting noise, something of a huff. "Why is it then, every time I look over ye'..even when ye' do nae know I'm watching.. ye' never once allow yerself happiness.. ye' rarely smile 'ven when 'round that son of yers?"

[23:46] * @Lady_NightBlade He'd been spying on her?! Bastard! How she hated admitting things to him. The huff kinda took her off guard a little, but she kept her gaze on the window and whatever she saw outside, fog mostly. "My heart has been broken alot. Years of loneliness, took thier toll on me. Then you came along...made me Human, stripped my powers away. Did all of that cruel stuff...still have a mind to do more, no doubt." Closed her eyes, struggling with the emotions. "I've wanted to be happy...but the things you've done...has made that hard. My son is ashamed for what happened. Hearts don't heal overnight."

[23:50] * @Anthony`Adverse He shook his head ever so slowly.. "I see then, well perhaps yer nae ready yet for yer immortality.. Though I have a task for you..." His eyes turned, staring at her backside, for lack of anything better to look upon. "You will smile a true smile before the month is out.. until then, I shall nae grant your immortality..." He motioned a hand of dominance towards the enteranceway.. "Begone from my realm ye' sad little creature..."

[23:51] * Anthony`Adverse is now known as Ant`Bar
Session Close: Sun Jan 04 00:00:00 2009
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Shattered Fortress Posts
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